Thaia-thaan'ag attaches woven cables of amphisbaenas to victims and cultists to create hydras. The serpents bolster the host's body while subjugating its will to a communal mind. The other ends of the cables join at a common mass, which coordinates the individual "heads". Sometimes a leader medusa will serve as the center of the hydra instead.


The amphisbaena are the most common thaaskith. They are narrow serpents roughly a foot long, with a head at each end of its body, with poisonous bites and high regernative capacity. Dangerous alone, their breeders often weave multiple amphisbaenas together to create larger monstrosities, linking long chains by the heads.


Thaia-thaan'ag's cockatrices retain the paralytic tears of their cousin basilisks, but trade size and ferocity for flight and predatory cunning.


Crafted by Thaia-thaan'ag, basilisks are enormous and fierce trollizards which spray paralytic toxins from glands in their eyes.


The medusa are Thaia-thaan'ag cult leaders whose bodies are hosts to a nest of symbiotic amphisbaena.

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