Giant Monster Smash! can't take credit for this one, but is proud to host the award-winning Giant Monster Smash!

Vis Major

Vis Major d20 setting in a distant and strange Earth. A new RI collaborative effort.

A Book of Versus

Free d20 stuff. Pretty generic, but a lot of it is based on the world of Srill.

Chronicles of Conquest

A Far-East flavored game of expansion and conflict, both military and internal.

Critical Hits

Terrible, terrible nerd pun comics.


Flashcards is story focused roleplaying game with a diceless narrative engine based on a group created setting and a unified story purpose.


A simple, free-form, cinematic game. A characters are defined by a core concept, their quintessence.

Story Now

Greymorn is creating a story-telling engine and needs our help!


JJ's dream game; structured, diceless, and story-driven.