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Okay, so automated feed inclusion was messy and overbearing. However, some experiments in controlled feeds were much nicer. I put the feeds I wanted into my Google Reader account, looked through them, and tagged a few to share (very easy to do). Then I hooked up a reader to just that shared page using a different module and got much nicer results.

Now I will let the test site run a while to make sure things stay clean, but what I'm getting at is if any of you create a similar page of favorites, I will create a reader for them here for everyone to share too. I can walk you through the process or write a how-to if there is any interest.

Tomorrow I will turn on my tagged feeds and you can all see what I'm talking about a bit better.



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Brawlizard has been the first to take up the RSS torch.

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And yes, you'll most likely just get a lot of web comics that I giggle at shared out.

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