Giant Cookie

I got a giant cookie with lunch today. 5 inch diameter. Serving size: 1/2 a cookie rolleyes.

Um, that is all.

Now you're thinking with crates

I went for a walk on the beach over the weekend, to see if the big storm had washed up anything interesting (result: opal pink bouncy ball). In one place, the sand had been eroded by a stream that would have been sort of a risky jump. Looking about, I grabbed a derelict lobster trap and placed it halfway through the stream, then hopped over on that to the opposite shore.

It felt sort of like solving a video game puzzle!


As I was walking to work this morning, the bald albino in front of me turned around and declared:

"EVERYWHERE BIRD. Always a bird. Flying away. Yes! RUDE."

Now, I've heard it theorized that everywhere Jesus, everywhere Death, everywhere the Force, but this was the first time I had heard the suggestion that everywhere bird. It raises some interesting philosophical points.

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