Carnage 07

Carnage was Awesome! One of the best Cons we’ve done. The Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, VT is beautiful. Our room, which was HUGE, had a balcony that overlooked the lake and mountains, incredible! And the Carnage guys really had it together too. When we got there are room was ready, our set up area was ready. Everything went smoothly. Major props to those guys for running a great Con!

So on to the Carnage!

Sharing your feeds

Okay, so automated feed inclusion was messy and overbearing. However, some experiments in controlled feeds were much nicer. I put the feeds I wanted into my Google Reader account, looked through them, and tagged a few to share (very easy to do). Then I hooked up a reader to just that shared page using a different module and got much nicer results.

Some new functionality

I added some new stuff to the site this morning. You may notice free-tagging first off. You can enter a list of tags for your posts and pages if you like, broken up with commas.

There is also a user invitation feature. If you'd like to invite someone to join RI, this should provide an easy way to do so.

And, in a potentially dangerous move, I installed some captchas and opened up user registration to no longer require admin approval. If the site gets spammed I'll take that away again and go back to the old model.

PLANNED Downtime

This site will likely be down for a good portion of the weekend as I transfer files and change the DNS. Just giving you a heads up. I will likely also lock it until it is fully moved.

We should basically be good now. I hope. We'll see what breaks.

I will add this alert: if you had an RI email account we need to take further measures to transfer your old messages to the new host. Let me know if that is something you want to do! I will keep the old hosting account for a couple months. There is still lots of stuff on there I want to sort through, so there is a lot of time to figure out the mail situation.

I am a huge dork.

Har har

This has mostly been registered as a placeholder as I begin the arduous journey of moving this site to a host that doesn't crash ~77 times a day.

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